Harvest Moon


Image of the coach

“I love to create magical moments. I love to make the best out of every situation. Maybe that is why I am in love with the art and artists of the swing era. Looking at old clips and the old-timers dancing, I see and feel that every moment in their dance, every little movement or rhythm is so full of energy and the connection with their partners seem to be so intense and joy-full. This is where I am heading. In my teaching I am encouraging my students to find this magic in their own dance. I want them to get to know themselves and develop their own unique style.“

Niklas is a recognized Lindy Hop dancer and instructor. From his early childhood on his life is accompanied by music and dance. 14 years old he found his love for the swing dances. From then on he spent, together with his sister, Jovanna, every free minute on the dance floors of international swing festivals.

After high school he started teaching Lindy Hop. In his classes he focus on the harmonious interplay of body, mind and spirit based on a natural rhythmical understanding. His talent is to let people feel the magic and natural flow of each movement and rhythm. Doing so his students can catch up very quickly with what he is showing them. Niklas loves to stay authentic with the roots of Lindy Hop of the Savoy era. Recently, he started to immerse into the poly-rhythmical world of African dances. His goal is to deeper understand the feeling and greatness of the roots of Lindy hop. For him Lindy Hop is more than a dance. It is a combination of love, truth and joy. It’s a lifelong learning possibility.

Teaching internationally he already broad his dance to countries like Greece, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Ireland, USA, Thailand and all over Germany. No matter where he was teaching, he always inspired people with his understanding of the dance, his joyful nature and spirit.