Harvest Moon


Image of the coach

“I love dancing! Merging with the music I feel happy and complete! As a young adult, I fall in love with Lindy Hop. With the time, I was gathering more and more knowledge about the Swing era. The more knowledge I got the more fascinated I got for that time and its people. I love the uniqueness of the dance and the genius of the music. While improving my dance, I try to figure out how people danced and felt at the golden years of the Savoy ballroom. What was special about this time?

I very much enjoy teaching Lindy Hop. In my classes, I try to include all aspect of the dance going from musicality and rhythms over authentic figures and small routines. For me, Lindy Hop is more than a dance, it is a way to connect to yourself, to feel your body and the body of your partner while relaxing your brain. My goal for teaching is to let dancers experience the joy I feel when I am dancing. Dancing and teaching gives me a steady good feeling in my everyday live. Thanks to all the dancers who make this possible!!”

Gina is spreading dance for more than 8 years. In her classes she is including Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Charleston, slow drag/blues and tap dancing. She is teaching weekly classes at the “Lindy Hop Saarbrücken Dance Academy“. Moreover, she is traveling around Germany and other countries like France, Luxemburg, Spain, Greece, Ireland to spread her rhythms and love to dance. Beside her work as a swing dance teacher, she is performing with Big Bands, theater and dance groups. Since 2017 she is touring around with the theater play „Swing Heil!“, which thematize the history of the Swing Youth in Germany in the thirties and forties.